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         Wanitha with local boys in amongst wild coffee & chocolate (Cocoa) 
       Tell us what you want to do and where you want to stay. There are many wonderful things to see and do in Sri Lanka. Price is not always a guide. Some locations have few options, you may be overcharged for what you get, we'll tell you well in advance to avoid disappointment. Our aim is to help make Sri Lanka an enjoyable not frustrating tourist destination.

       Tourism naturally changes a place, but it's about time Sri Lanka changed, from a country of economic dependence to one of independence without conflict. I'm certain tourism and the prosperity it brings will change the country, for the better; how ever slowly it may be. Being able to afford good schooling and health care shouldn't be a privilege nor a charitable exercise. Sri Lankan culture has withstood 600 years of repressive, regressive colonisation, I'm sure it will survive tourism and perhaps the Sri Lankan cultural tapestry is richer today for the melding of European and Indian cultures, a direct by-product of past invasion, colonisation and visitation. 


       At the spiritual heart and soul of Sri Lanka is an alternate way of living; visit the beach, jungle or meet your guru. See how Sri Lanka can reward you; discover youself in Sri Lanka: today!
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